We’re Podcasting!

My writing group, the Inkhorn Society, now has a podcast!

There are five members on the podcast, and there are more members will likely be part of it in the future. Our first episode is up, and we look at Halli Lilburn’s piece, Great Aunt Maud. I think we did a good critique on the piece, but you might disagree, so you have an opportunity to join us!

Go to the website, https://inkhornsociety.ca, and you can download the piece and read it. After that you can comment on the page and let Halli know what you think of her piece, and what you might do to improve her work! Disagree with us? Great! Tell us in the comments! Want to submit a piece for us to critique? Even better!

Head on over and see what the big deal is all about! Yeah!

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